Meet the Owners

Bill and Janet Harris - President and Office Manager

Mom and Bill 4

Bill is the president of JWH Construction, and has built our business on a strong foundation of friends and family. For years, he has worked alongside Janet, who has been his angel to light up the office any time he needed a smile. They have worked as a dynamic duo together with Bill taking on the construction and estimating, while Janet kept the books, and accounts squared away.

When these two are not back at the office working, they enjoy spending their time down at their house in Florida where they can relax with the sun, the sand, and some Tito’s in their hands! Bill loves to go play golf with his family when the weather is right, or sit back and read a good book. Janet is an avid crafter whose talents include quilting, crocheting and, painting. Both love to go record hunting, and sit back and listen to a good vinyl album now and then.

Meet the Supervisors

Billy Harris - Vice President and Senior Supervisor

Billy Harris is the son of Bill Harris, and is the Vice President of JWH Construction as well as one of our senior supervisors. Billy takes on even the toughest, and most laborious job with a smile. He is great with our customers, and when working in a plaza with operating tenants, he makes sure that they are not disrupted by construction. He will get the job done, no matter how hard, or how many hours he must put in. As a working supervisor, he not only coordinates the work, but steps in to do a lot of it himself. If there is a jack-hammer on site, you will often find Billy behind it! When Billy is not at work loves to spend time with his son and daughter. He helps coach basketball at his son’s school, and loves to work on improvements to his house.

DC Lashmit - Senior Supervisor

DC has been friends with Billy since high school, and has put in countless hours working with us at JWH. He is a graduate of WPI and is great at putting brains and brawn to the test when projects get complicated. Because of this, he is our second senior supervisor. DC brings a great mix of demo, carpentry, and a lot of good laughs to the company. He is always willing to lend a hand whenever and wherever we need him. When DC is not on site with us he loves to spend time with his family, or working on his house. He always has a new project to undertake at home, and a good story to go with it.

Tom Golden - Permit Specialist

Tom has worked with JWH for many years. He is our permit specialist and helps with many other office and site tasks. Tom is the one who files for permits, and does our inspection walk through’s. Tom is also responsible for obtaining all insurance and safety information from subcontractors. Tom spends his hours outside of work up at his cabin in upstate New York, and with his family and grand kids.

Meet our Laborers

Felipe Gomes - Laborer, Demolition

Felipe is a Construction Management Graduate of 2017 at Fitchburg State University. As one of our newer full time employees, Felipe has become the bull when it comes to demolition. Felipe is willing to give a helping hand on any task, but has proved to be especially helpful with the demolition front. between his strength and willingness to go the extra mile, he has been a great addition to our crew. When Felipe is not at work, he enjoys fishing, spending time with friends, and his mother.

Jake Kelly - Laborer, Demolition

Jake is the newest member of our crew; he was brought to us in 2021 and went to school with Felipe Gomes. Jake’s former job was installing large racking and mezzanines in big-box stores. Jake loves baseball and enjoys Skiing in the winter.

Meet our Office Staff

Lindsey Maiuri-Campos - Design, Estimate, and Project Coordinator

Lindsey has graduated from New England Institute of Technology with a bachelors in Interior Design, and a masters in Construction Management. She helps with many of the tasks with the business from some onsite clean up here and there to helping with estimates and project coordination. Lindsey loves to work on concept design projects when they come her way. Outside of work she loves to craft, read, and do outdoor activities in the summer.

Toni Maiuri - Accounts Payable/Receivable or Insurance

Toni has quickly gone from being our ground-girl to our office manager in a flash! She handles all our payables, receivables, and insurance. Most often though you can find her in the office keeping the endless number of files straight and helping keep tabs on project costs. Outside of work Toni likes photography, drawing, and is a great cake baker and decorator.

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